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The mission of Community Christian Concern (CCC) is to demonstrate Christian love by reaching out a helping hand to those trying and willing to help themselves. Certain emergency needs are provided, especially for single moms with young children who are at risk of becoming homeless. Special attention is given to emergency needsof the elderly.

In 1984, CCC opened its office in New Orleans East, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation
(tax ID # 581681003).  All funding is provided by individual donors and churches. CCC is run by trained Christian volunteers.  From 1984 to 2005 CCC was blessed with amazing growth. Life skills, transitional housing, clothing, food pantry, emergency assistance and advocacy were programs offered to people in need, as well as those who just wanted direction or needed a helping hand.  

In 2005, CCC lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.  Everyone who had worked at CCC lost their homes to the storm and could no longer serve the ministry.  CCC lost touch with its faithful donors, who also had been 
devastated by the storm. The future of CCC was in question.

The founder of CCC resides in Lacombe, a small community across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. The pastor of First Baptist Church Lacombe ( offered free office space for CCC to begin anew, which was accepted – and now CCC once again freely offers clothing, food, emergency assistance and advocacy to those desperate to help themselves.  Free Biblical counseling is available through First Baptist Church Lacombe.

The working relationship between the Church and CCC has been beneficial to both parties and has birthed a 
new outreach, this time to churches of all sizes who would like to begin a similar ministry. CCC freely offers to help churches set up a similar charity in their church.

It is our earnest prayer that the work of this ministry demonstrates true Christian charity and that God would be glorified in all that we do.

Jackie Dantin
Founder/Director Community Christian Concern, Inc.

CCC Charity Inc.

Community Christian Concern Inc.
PO Box 1807
Lacombe, LA 70445

Founder/Director - Jackie Dantin
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